Blowing the dust off…

I have been neglectful of the blog this past year, a fact which has been pointed out to me three times in the past two days. The reasons are many and varied – busy lives running in six different directions, a productive, but exhausting school year, extra projects… I often find that by the time I get to sit at the computer I have the energy for a quick Facebook check-in, but then my eyes just want to close, and not continue looking at a screen.

Both family and guests have mentioned to me how much they love reading the blog. Family, to keep caught up with what we are up to, and guests because it gives them a sense of who we are before they come to stay with us. I enjoy writing, and especially looking back at where we’ve been and what we have done.

So I’m blowing the dust off, and promise a series of updates as the summer continues.

In the meantime, here is a photo of my newly learned summertime skill – cutting watermelon! I can’t believe I have been a parent for almost 18 years, and just learned this this week!! Cut watermelon pieces into a grid to make “fingers” rather than triangles. Much easier to store, and far less messy to eat! Thanks for the insight, D’Arcy!


And thank you to those of you who have gently nudged me back here. It feels good to be back!

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