São Luís: Cidade dos Azulejos (and a little bit of Beach Volleyball)

Wednesday, March 12 by D’Arcy




Building in the historic section of São Luís.

Today started as a regular school day for our group in the sense that students who attend classes during the first shift were at school by 7:10 am to start their day.  However, students who attend classes during the second shift were at school by 8:55 am which is earlier than normal.  This was due to our scheduled Art Workshop activity which was a combined group activity with the students from Middleton Regional High School.

Getting ready for Art activity.

Getting ready for Art activity.


Art anticipation.


Professora Leyla Duarte

This activity was presented the art teacher for escola Crescimento, Professora Leyla Duarte, and was called “São Luís: Cidade dos Azulejos”.   Professora Duarte gave our students an introduction to the Brazilian art that can be seen on many of the buildings in the historic district of Sao Luis. Azulejos is portuguese for painted ceramic tile. The buildings in the historic centre of the town are covered with tiles to keep the buildings cooler.  In our activity we were encouraged to create our own design as if we were the tile makers.  We had a lot of fun with this activity.


Working hard.




Professora Duarte checking in


Maria Clara and Vinnicius, assistants to Professora Duarte.

The Art Show.

The Art Show.

Our second activity involved Beach Volleyball.  This was another combined group activity with the students from MRHS.  São Luís has many beaches (praia) along its coastline and our beach volleyball court was close to praia do Calhau.  The great thing with this location was that there was huge sand dune that we could climb which gave us a great view of the oceans and the many ships that are lined up waiting to get into the port.  São Luís has the second largest harbour in Brazil.  The students had great fun playing volleyball and playing on the sand dune.


The sand dune.

Climbing the sand dune.


The view from the top of the sand dune.


Alex at the top. In the background you can see the ships.


At the top of sand looking out into the South Atlantic.


The line up of ships.


Students hanging out at the top of the dune.


Looking down at the volleyball action.


Alex  running down the dune.


Praia do Calhau was just across a busy street.


Middleton Regional High School students.




Alex after serving the ball.


Middleton students had a neat ride home.

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