California Dreaming on Such a Winter’s Day

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.
I’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day.
I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A.;
California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.

Writer(s): John Edmund Andrew Phillips, Michelle Gilliam
Copyright: American Broadcasting Music Inc.

Olivia slept soundly through the night and when she woke up, her hives had subsided. Sarah and D’Arcy were the first of our crew to be up (as usual) on the day we were to fly from Portland. In fact, Sarah was up in enough time to watch Mulan, and Mulan 2 by the time we were finished breakfast. Susan made delicious egg-free waffles, bacon, fruit, and we finished off the Christmas pies.

We spent the morning getting cleaned up and packed up. D’Arcy had done laundry to be sure that all of our clothes would be clean as we moved on to the next stage of our adventure. We had promised Sarah we would take her back to the hat store to buy the hat she had her eye on, so she & D’Arcy set out together while I finished getting everything together and organized. They also stopped to find another geocache while they were out.

Sarah's new purchase - not only is it covered in sequins, but it lights up, sparkling and flashing as well!

Sarah’s new purchase – not only is it covered in sequins, but it lights up, sparkling and flashing as well!

Phil & Susan live about 20 minutes from the airport, so we left the house at 10:30, with heavy hearts. Check-in went smoothly and before we knew it, we were heading through security after hugs and I-love-yous. Security went much more smoothly this time (perhaps because we were rested?) and our flight was on time. The plane was full, so they were looking for people to check bags through instead of taking them on board, so we sent the boys & the girls clothes along.

Before we knew it, they called our flight and we were on our way from Portland to San Francisco.

Ready for take-off; plane #3

Ready for take-off; plane #3

Mount Saint Helen out D'Arcy, Alex & Sarah's window.

Mount Saint Helens above the clouds outside D’Arcy, Alex & Sarah’s window.

Happy flyers

Happy flyers

First glimpse of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

First glimpse of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

A layover snack in San Francisco. Wish we'd had time to see more...

A layover snack in San Francisco. Wish we’d had time to see more…

Our layover in San Francisco was far too short and we wished we’d had longer to spend. Originally we had been going to take the train from Portland to LA along the California Coast, but at 33 hours, we were afraid of Olivia having an allergic reaction in the middle of nowhere. It turned out that the flights were actually less expensive anyway.

When we finished eating, we boarded our flight for Los Angeles, which was basically up and down, taking just over an hour. We had a fair bit of turbulence on that flight, but the wind must have been blowing us in the right direction because we landed at LAX about twenty minutes early. I had booked a private shuttle that was to pick us up at the airport and when we finally figured out where to meet it we only had to wait for a few minutes. Evan helped a family who had a newborn with their luggage and made their day. I remember how hard it was to cart all that stuff around with babies and this trip has been so much easier!

It took about 45 minutes to get from the airport to our hotel in Anaheim, a few blocks from Disneyland. Much to their dismay, rather than going to the pool, I sent the girls to bed while D’Arcy & the boys went to the store and checked on tickets. When they got back, we all went to bed by 9:30 so we’d be well rested and off to Disneyland by 7am the next morning.

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