Doing our part to boost the American Economy

We had a productive day in Freeport, ME after a swim at the Hotel.  I don’t think D’Arcy & the kids had ever experienced anything like it! We’re not really big shoppers, and we do like to buy local whenever possible, so haven’t take cross-border shopping trips. We didn’t have a big list, but all four kids need new backpacks and lunch bags this year. Alex has been using his backpack for three years, and they have been using the same lunch bags since they started staying at school for lunch, almost four years ago. Needless to say, they have seen better days! We split up, the boys going in one direction, and the girls going in another. We had backpack/lunch bag success at LL Bean. Olivia was so excited to pick out her first school equipment – and convinced Sarah to buy a matching set so they could be “twins” in September! I was proud of Sarah when she agreed, even though she had originally had a different set picked out.

Olivia & Sarah in front of the big boot truck at LL Bean

As luck would have it, as we were walking down the street, we were handed a menu for The Corsican Restaurant by the owner. I’m not exactly sure what it was he said when he handed it to me, but he did say something about making the bread himself. “Does it have eggs?” I immediately asked. He had my attention! It turns out that they have a whole Gluten Free menu and are very sensitive to accommodating food allergies. He makes the bread with cottage cheese – no eggs! I texted D’Arcy and the boys and we met there to have lunch. As I’ve mentioned before, there is always an underlying level of stress when traveling with serious food allergies, so we really appreciated being able to “relax” while dining out. We had a fabulous meal with great service. I will be recommending them highly on Trip Advisor when we arrive home!

We made a few more stops on our way to the car, and did our part to boost the American Economy. At one store, D’Arcy’s receipt said that he had saved over $360 – more than double the total of his bill!

Sarah & D’Arcy outlasted the rest of us. Here we are, hanging out in the van while they finish shopping!

Freeport is about a two hour drive from Salem, so we sent our friends Kate & Willem a message saying we were on our way.  It was smooth traveling on the Interstate. I can’t imagine having to go through those tolls each day to get to-and-from work! D’Arcy’s brother gave us his TomTom to use while we’re on the road and it took us through a winding path to find Kate & Willem’s house. It was fun for us to see the names of the streets: “Cauldron Drive”, “Witch Way”… The school’s name is “Witchcraft Heights”!

Kate & Willem have just recently moved to their new home, so we are their first houseguests! We brought them a loaf of D’Arcy’s home made bread for good luck in their new home. The evening was lovely with kids playing nicely together. Kate & I met when we were having difficult pregnancies with our soon-to-be-eight year olds. They also have a daughter who is the same age as Alex, who unfortunately, is away at summer camp, and Isaac, who is two. Willem had made a feast for dinner – making the effort that everything would be safe for Olivia. I can’t stress enough how much that means to us! We had barbequed chicken, potatoes with peppers & rosemary, awesome corn-the-cob which had been cooked wrapped in tin-foil with butter and fresh basil, and an arugula salad with apples, dried-cranberries, cheese and sunflower seeds! We ate on the verandah and it was beautiful!

Jacob’s birthday is later this month, so we brought safe birthday cupcakes from Truro to celebrate with him.

Jacob, the birthday boy!

It was a late night, so slow morning. Once everyone is awake, we’re looking forward to having many fun adventures in Boston today!



One comment on “Doing our part to boost the American Economy

  1. Mart says:

    Sounds like a great day 🙂 No doubt with the LL Bean bookbags and lunch bags, they may outlast the bags that they are replacing. Gab had a sad minute when he realized Alex and Eamon weren’t going to be at Spotlight. Big hugs, missing you guys already.


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