Surfing and Soccer

Friday’s update arrived in this morning’s email, courtesy of Erin:

“In the morning we went to a fruit market that was really long there was tons of different fruits you could try and there was also fish, clothes, and other stuff you could buy it was really cool to see all the different fruits they had. Then we went to a water treatment place it was really gross… Then we went surfing, that was like the best thing ever for that whole day!!! all 4 of us managed to stand up for atleast 25 seconds, after that we had a bbq at alexanders place that was really good also!!!

We were able to chat with Evan a couple of times this weekend and he proclaimed that surfing was AWESOME! He even intends to take it up back here in Nova Scotia. We do actually, have beaches in Nova Scotia that are known for their surfing conditions, however the water here is much chillier, I’m sure, than the water in Brazil!

Evan continues having a wonderful time! On Saturday, they had gone shopping at a mall, but he thought they were going to the beach, so left his money at home! On Sunday, he traveled into Sao Paulo with his host family to see Sao Paulo play Football (Soccer) against the Portuguesa Team. Sao Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere, one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of 20,000,000. It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around the size of a city that houses two-thirds of the population of Canada! The football stadium itself holds 80,000 people, but there were “only” 18,000 there for yesterday’s game. Evan said it was hot when they first got there, but then there was a rain shower, so they got soaked! Sao Paulo won the game 2-1.

I was thrilled today when Francisco shared some photos:

Gabriel, JV & Evan outside the Sao Paulo Football Stadium

They arrived early and toured the stadium before the game was to begin.

The stadium seats 80,000 people!

Fans arriving - only 18,000!

The Sao Paulo team enters the stadium.

The Sao Paulo mascot

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