A Bumpy Road to the Rainforest

Not a long report today, as we didn’t really get a chance to connect with Evan yesterday. The daily email this morning comes from Irene:

“Hello everyone, Yesterday, we went to a rainforest and then we went to the soccer museum. The village in the rainforest we went to is called Paranapiacaba.  Bumbiest road ever before you get there. Irene”

Evan sounds happy – he posted a status update on Facebook this morning which said, “Churros are so good! Now I get to go surfing today!”

One of the chaperones, Jennifer, posted some photos, which were great to see!

Irene, Erin, Evan & Scott


Evan, wearing his Jean Piaget uniform

The Canadians at the Santos Football (Soccer) Stadium!

The group somewhere in Brazil (no caption with this one!)



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