Penguins and a Boat Ride Around Snake Island

I chatted with Evan briefly via Instant Messaging yesterday afternoon, but we did not get to Skype in the evening. He sounds like he is minding the heat, which we expected could be a problem. (He’s like his father that way!) He had been swimming in the afternoon which he said helped – that, and the fact that the temperature was down to *only* 28*F! He’s also finding the 7:30 school start time early… Otherwise, he was in good spirits and reports that he’s having fun!

Yesterday’s update from Brazil comes via Erin and, unfortunately, does not include a photo.

“Hi everyone,
yesterday we went to a aquarium with like different fish and sea lions and PENGUINS!!!!!, also sea museum with really weird dead fish and sharks and a boat ride around snake island. it was all really fun, we met up with the brazilians and then got on the boat, after a couple minutes when we were behind snakes island we got to jump off the boat and into the water that was like the best part out of everything yesterday for me anyway. i had a lot of fun!!!
having fun in Brazil!!!

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