Teach a boy to fish…

Many of our guests realize that Nova Scotia has some prime fishing, whether you charter a boat to go deep-sea fishing, or stand along a quiet brook, river, or lake.  There are many websites devoted to fishing in Nova Scotia.  When I was a little girl, I remember my brother & I going fishing with my dad along the French River in Tatamagouche (Northern Nova Scotia), a tidal river which runs through the property where he grew up.  I don’t remember catching any fish (I probably talked too much and scared the fish away!), but I do remember getting up early to make us apple jelly sandwiches (!) and thermoses of chocolate milk.  I also remember going fishing with my best friend and her family along some of the rivers is Musquodoboit.  I remember loving the feel of the spongy earth beneath my rubber boots, and the smell of the spring mud.  Although, I can’t consider myself a fisher-person, I can appreciate why some people enjoy it so much!

Last week, D’Arcy& Alex participated in a learn-to-fish program with the Cubs & Scouts. The first night was spent in a classroom, learning about fishing & safety, and the second night they all got to go to a nearby pond to try their luck. By all accounts, they had a great time…

Alex had what some might call “beginner’s luck”…

He reeled it in, and with some help netting it… Made what some people might consider the “catch of a lifetime”! A FOUR POUND Rainbow Trout!

Most of the cubs & scouts had beginner’s luck! Alex actually caught three fish in total, but gave his two smaller fish to my parents.

I think he’s “hooked” on fishing now!

We grilled his trout on the bbq at high heat, wrapped in foil and stuffed with slices of lemon, lime, orange & dill. It was served with Basmati rice and spinach salad and was delicious! It served six – with leftovers!

* D’Arcy didn’t catch anything…

You can click on the following to find out more about fishing in Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia Tourism’s Fishing Information

Nova Scotia Fishing Website

Nova Scotia Learn to Fish

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