Blue Nose Youth Run 2010

It’s a GORGEOUS day in Halifax today.  In fact, the weather has never been so good for Bluenose Marathon weekend!

This is Blue Nose Marathon weekend. Yesterday, Evan & Alex run the Doctors’ Nova Scotia 4.4km Youth Run.  They did great – Evan finished in about 18 minutes and Alex finished in about 23 minutes.  

A highlight of the morning was discovering that the girls are on last year’s Blue Nose Youth Run video when it played on the big screen of the Metro Centre!  You can watch it here:

Today, D’Arcy & I are running the 10k and Evan & Alex are running the 5k. I’m really looking forward to running over the MacDonald Bridge! Will post later and let you know how we did!!

One comment on “Blue Nose Youth Run 2010

  1. […] went into the Metro Centre to meet our very pleased and proud boys, which was where we noticed that the girls were featured in last year’s Youth Run Video as it played on the big […]


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