Experience of a lifetime!

Coming down from Olympic withdrawal has been difficult this week.  While we normally don’t watch a lot of sports (although D’Arcy follows many), while the Olympics are on, we are glued to the coverage.  This week, the Tim Horton Brier (Curling) is on in Halifax and we learned that Kevin Martin and Team Canada would be there, signing autographs and taking photos with their Olympic Gold Medals!  Our sons both are curlers, so we took them out of school for the day, along with the two girls on their team and headed to Halifax.  (One hour drive.)

It was so worth the trip!  We got to meet them all and they were so kind!  They were interested in the team and talked to them about curling and the fact that they have their first tournament (together) over our March Break.  They were so gracious and exemplified all the qualities you would expect in curlers.  Our son Evan took a biography he’d written about Kevin Martin and got him to sign that!  Kevin read it carefully and smiled at the photo Evan had drawn of him on the podium next to Team Howard at the Olympic Trials.  I’m not sure that Team Howard, who are also at the Brier, would have found it so cute!  The kids got noticed by the television crews and were interviewed both for the news and by the Canadian Curling Association.  How exciting!

Our nephew, Christopher, is a curler and curled with Team Fitzner-LeBlanc (Team Nova Scotia) until he moved to Calgary last year.  They started curling together when they were just seven years old, younger than our boys are!  I think it’s hard for Chris not to be here with them at The Brier!  We ran into his mother Kim, and sat with her watching the “Hot Shots” skills competition.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the entire thing, because we had to get back to Truro for Curling Practice but we were pleased to learn that Ian, skip of Team Nova Scotia, won third place overall!  Yay Ian!!

While we were watching the first group, we noticed that Team Gushue (Newfoundland) were sitting behind us.  For those non-curlers out there, they are the team who won the gold medal at the 2006 Olympics!  I took the kids over to get their autograph and to wish them well.  While the team was talking with them, one asked who they were rooting for.  Madison declared “PEI!” while our boys stated, “Nova Scotia”.  Team Gushue all laughed and said, “Well no autographs for you then!” The kids were sheepish when they realized what they had done and wished them well!  We all had a good laugh!

Here are a few photos from the day:

An Olympic Gold Medal!

Getting autographs!

Kevin Martin's autograph on Evan's paper

Part of Evan's project

Johnny Mo insisted that they hold the gold medal for the photo - it wasn't hard to convince them!

Kevin Martin leaned in to Evan and said, "Your mom's hands are shaking!" I think Madison's mom got a better one!

Getting miked for their television interview

Our sister-in-law Kim with Marc Kennedy & his gold medal!

"Pebbling the ice" so the stones will curl

"Rocking the ice" to get it used to the curling stones

Team Howard

Brad Gushue, Skip of Team Newfoundland

Team Fitzner-Leblanc (Nova Scotia!) warming up

Our team, taking photos of some of their heroes before going home to their own practice!

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