The “Other” Side of the Bay of Fundy

On the first day of Summer Vacation 2009, we went exploring the North Side of the Bay of Fundy, along Economy & Five Islands area.

Last Sunday, we packed up and spent the afternoon exploring the South Side of the Bay of Fundy, and we had another fantastic day!!

We set off as soon as our cleanup was finished, leaving my dad, Dave, here to run the show.  Instead of taking the highway, we drove out through Old Barns on Route 236 to Maitland.  There was more traffic than normal, and we quickly realized that it was almost time for the Tidal Bore to arrive in Maitland.  There is a great viewing area and interpretive centre in Maitland, and a bonus is watching the rafters riding the Bore on that part of the tide!  We all went Tidal Bore Rafting last September and had SO much fun!  We highly recommend it and can’t wait to go again!  (The following Tidal Bore Rafting photos were taken by my friend Michelle, who was actually rafting that weekend!)




We took our time and went in to Burncoat Head, where the highest tides in the world were recorded (54 feet).  It is a wonderful park with a gorgeous view and a museum in the replica of the lighthouse which was originally built in 1858.

burncoat lighthouse



Further down the Bay, we passed by the Walton Lighthouse where we’ve stopped before (they have really clean and well-kept bathrooms!) and I had to giggle when we passed by a sign outside a restaurant that said “Home of the Walton Whopper – under a billion served”!  It’s such a beautiful area, and we passed a lot of people out fishing.


It was also fun to see the Five Islands from the other side (although it was a bit foggy)…

five islands

We puttered along through Wolfville and we drove around the campus of Acadia University, which is where I started my university career.  (I later transferred to Mount Saint Vincent University in Bedford to earn my Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management.)  We poked in and out of different little shops & markets and I made sure we stopped at “Tangled Garden” in Wolfville for some herbed pepper jelly and some rhubarb mint chutney – yummy!!  We ended up at friends’ in Kentville where we had a delicious and relaxing dinner before heading back to Truro on the highway.  We left our house at about 1:30 and were back home again by 10:00, never feeling rushed.

Truro (known as the “Hub of Nova Scotia”) really is an ideal spot  to be located in order to take day trips around the province!

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