Pier 21

One of the Benefits of being a director on the Board of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) is that I often am sent information on Tourism Related Announcements as soon as they happen!

I just received an email to say that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Pier 21 in Halifax a National Museum, only the second museum in Canada outside of Ottawa to obtain this status!  Pier 21 was the point of entry to Canada for more than one million immigrants and Prime Minister Harper said that the designation recognizes the contribution made by immigrants to the country’s history.

The shed on the Halifax wharf closed on March 8, 1971, almost 43 years after its official opening, as more immigrants arrived in Canada by plane.  It opened ten years ago, in 1999 as a museum.  One in five Canadians are said to have a connection to Pier 21.

We definitely recommend visiting Pier 21 when you are visiting Halifax, and if you happen to go on a Thursday morning, be sure to say hello to D’Arcy’s mother, Fran, who volunteers there each week!


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