First Salad Bowl Garden Delivery Today

Today was our first Salad Bowl Garden Delivery and in our bag, we discovered a large bag of spicy salad mix, a small bag of arugula, a 2lb bunch of rhubarb, a cluster of French breakfast radishes, green onions, green garlic, edible flowers, and a jar of red currant-raspberry jam as well as fresh eggs.  YUMMY!!  I’ve already cut up some of the rhubarb for muffins and stewed the rest to serve with breakfast.  I think I can probably come up with a pretty tasty omelets for morning using some of the rest and D’Arcy will have a tasty, healthy salad to take to school for lunch!  The best part of it all was getting to visit with old and new friends from the neighbourhood as they picked up their goodies! Jamey & Roxanne’s son Oliver is a doll; the girls loved him and they all sat & played in the grass while the grown-ups did their business.  Speaking of grass, I’m not sure that ours is a part of Oliver’s organic diet, but D’Arcy & I do subscribe to the “pound of dirt” theory…

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